A little about me

I believe that in today's complex real estate market, making home buying and selling decisions is a process requiring a multitude of comprehensive resources. On a daily basis, I apply what I have learned from my 35-year career in the worlds of architecture, marketing and real estate to help home buyers, sellers and other property investors make well informed go/no-go decisions about buying and selling real estate.Though I was educated in architecture, I have developed on-the-job knowledge of a wider range of competencies. Always interested in innovation, I insist on bringing an intelligent business approach to real estate dealings with an emphasis on providing my clients with the highest level of customer service. Staying apprised of the intricacies and nuances of the fluctuating real estate market, remaining calm and level-head during transactions, and keeping my clients' goals paramount are just a few of the ways my clients benefit from working with me.My ability to analyze a property's rewards and potential risks is facilitated by a team of professional resources. These professional resources, coupled with my marketing and business consulting experience, can help to position you to move rapidly and efficiently through the process of purchasing, selling, and improving property.

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