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The most trusted agent in the San Francisco area. I am a dedicated professional that is driven by passion for building community and bringing people together.

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Dedicated to an honest and friendly service.

I believe that in today's complex real estate market, making home buying and selling decisions is a process requiring a multitude of comprehensive resources. [View Profile]

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Your goals are my priority, and I specialize in getting you the best result. To me, you’re more than a client - you’re a partner, and we’re in this together!


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I’m here to guide you through every twist and turn of the buying process, so that you can sleep easy at night (in a home that you love ♥).

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I’m here to guide you through every twist and turn in the selling process, to make sure you get top-dollar without any of the headache.

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"Working with Lisa was the most positive business interaction I’ve ever had. She’s fair, she’s upbeat, she’s got a good personality and she looks out for your interests. And while she’s a businesswoman, that’s not the bottom line..."

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